PHOTO: Inside the box, the Lu.Ki.Dus performance score.


2018   |   EXHIBITION

Diagrams conceal a powerful synthesizing force. In Foucault's words, they are machines of abstraction. The Diagrammatics exhibition grouped a significant number of my diagrams from 2014 to 2018.

The exhibition was brought together as a way of organizing the work under a new light. It was meant to show the different diagrammatical strategies that I have used to parse the outside world. All furniture and frames were custom-built for this show.

2018 - The Glass Box Gallery, UC Santa Barbara
Curator: Robert Huerta
Big thanks to: Michael Matheson, Marko Peljjhan, The UCSB Art Department, Diego Auchstetter, Curtis Roads, Ken Yokota, Joel Sherman, and Yin Yu.

*Project supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Systemics Public Program.

PHOTOS: Installation views, custom walnut frames and synthesizers.

PHOTO: A drone machine based on Casper Electronics’
OMSSynth MiniLab (Peter Edwards).

PHOTO: Custom speculative modular synthesizer (unique walnut object, 2018).

IMAGES: Installation views and wall text (2018).

VIDEO: Partial documentation (2018).


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